Allerheiligenkirche Mühlhausen

Allerheiligen Mühlhausen

The All Saints’ Church (Allerheiligenkirche) of Mühlhausen, a plain gothic construction with a baroque interior design was fundamentally restored from 1985 to 1989. Since then, the church is a museum gallery worth seeing.

Culture and art within one monument. A visit to the All Saints’ Church in Mühlhausen leaves a special impression. Behind historic walls, exhibitions based on the collection of Thuringian Art of the Mühlhausen museums as well as special exhibitions of contemporary art are hidden. With the exhibition area on the construction and restoration history and on the baroque interior design, the Mühlhausen museums pay respect to the Christian monument and the historic-cultural equipment.



Museumsgalerie Allerheiligenkirche 
Unterer Steinweg 
99974 Mühlhausen 

phone (0 36 01) 44 60 63 
fax (0 36 01) 85 66 26 

Opening hours:

At present, the All Saints Church is closed due to temporary construction-related conversion.


MühlhausenThe medieval Free City of Mühlhausen near the Hainich Park impresses its visitors by its diversity. The city wall, the historic old town and the 11 gothic churches define the cityscape. 

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Museum am Lindenbühl Mühlhausen

Kulturhistorisches Museum MühlhausenMühlhausen: The neo-Renaissance building Am Lindenbühl in Mühlhausen has been the seat of the Museum of Local and Regional History since 1947.

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St. Mary´s Church

St. Mary's ChurchMühlhausen: One of the most significant buildings in Mühlhausen is St. Mary´s Church. An impressive architectural and historic monument, it represents the proud history of this former imperial town. 

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