Automobile World Eisenach

awe Automobile Welt Eisenach

Eisenach is proud of its 115-year-old automobile building tradition. The “automobile world eisenach” museum offers a historic journey through time in the world of vehicle construction on the former manufacturing site.

The traditional marques Dixi, BMW and Wartburg are closely associated with Eisenach. The automobile era continues to this day with the Opel company. The “automobile world eisenach museum” was opened in 2005, in the heritage-listed factory building dating from 1935. Historic vehicles, chassis designs in wood, prototypes and design plans delight aficionados and laymen alike. A model of the former automobile plant (as it was in 1989) can be seen at the “automobile world eisenach”. 



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awe - automobile welt eisenach
Friedrich-Naumann-Straße 10
99817 Eisenach

phone (0 36 91) 7 72 12

Opening hours:

April - October
Tuesday – Sunday: 10am – 6pm 

November - March
Tuesday - Sunday: 11am - 5pm

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