Historic fortifications Mühlhausen

Historische Wehranlage Mühlhausen

Visitors to Mühlhausen town centre still enter in the same way as guests in the Middle Ages did: through one of the four gates in the historic town wall. Large sections of the wall are preserved to this day.

The largely intact Medieval town wall surrounding Mühlhausen is ideal for experiencing the town from an unusual perspective. A total of 330 metres of the historic fortifications can still be viewed. These offer an impression of the defences of the Hanseatic town. An absolute must is the Rabenturm tower with observation platform, providing glorious views over Mühlhausen and the surrounding area. Find out more at www.muehlhaeuser-museen.de.



Historic fortifications
Am Frauentor
99974 Mühlhausen

phone (0 36 01) 8 56 60

Facebook: Mühlhäuser Museen 

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday 10am – 17pm


MühlhausenThe medieval Free City of Mühlhausen near the Hainich Park impresses its visitors by its diversity. The city wall, the historic old town and the 11 gothic churches define the cityscape. 

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Museum am Lindenbühl Mühlhausen

Kulturhistorisches Museum MühlhausenMühlhausen: The neo-Renaissance building Am Lindenbühl in Mühlhausen has been the seat of the Museum of Local and Regional History since 1947.

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Monument "Mühlhäuser Löwe"

Monument Mühlhausen: Since 1927, a majestic lion has been looking over the roofs of Mühlhausen and guarded the commemoration of one of the saddest chapters of the city’s history. "The Lion" honours the fallen of the first World War. 

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