UNESCO - World Heritage Wartburg


For almost one thousand years, the impressive Wartburg castle has towered above Eisenach. Being a witness of German history and culture, it became part of the UNESCO World Heritage in 1999.

It has now been almost one thousand years that this castle high above the city of Eisenach has existed as fortified fortress, magnificent residence, castle hostel and also as place of contemplation and security. Visitors from all over the world experience grand history and little stories when entering the Wartburg. Castle romance, the legendary minstrels’ contest (Sängerkrieg), the life and work of Saint Elisabeth who has been worshiped up to the present day, Luther’s stay and his translation of the New Testament, the celebrations of the German student fraternities and Wagner’s romantic opera "Tannhäuser" - all this provides the Warburg with its special attraction and charm. It is not only just a castle, but a witness of German history and culture and has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1999.

Furthermore, the Wartburg is a unique background for numerous events such like the popular Tannhäuser performances, classic concerts by Deutschlandradio Kultur and the mdr Music Sommer.



Auf der Wartburg 1
99817 Eisenach

phone (0 36 91) 25 00
fax (0 36 91) 20 33 42


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Opening hours:

April - October
daily 8.30 am - 8 pm
last tour: 5 pm
Guided tours in English Language: 1.30 pm

November - March
daily 9am - 5pm
last tour: 3.30pm
Guided tours in English Language: 1.30 pm

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