Haineck Castle Ruin

Burchtuïne Haineck

Around 1392, Landgrave Balthasar secured the northwest border of his Thuringian county with the Haineck Castle. Later, the Castle served as protection against plundering soldiers of the Thirty Years’ War.

In the east, Nazza is overtopped by a medieval castle ruin. The two towers and the massive walls attest the strategic importance of the complex. After an eventful history, the castle has dilapidated since the 17th century. It was secured by the Heimat- und Verkehrsverein Mihla (association devoted to the maintenance of local traditions and to the promotion of tourism). In the meantime, the 18 meter high South Tower has been converted into a lookout tower. Located in a beautiful landscape, the Haineck Castle Ruin is a worthwhile destination for excursions with a fantastic view of the Hainich National Park.



Burgruine Haineck
99826 Nazza

Haineck Cycle Path

Haineck-RadwegThe Haineck Cycle Path is a cycle path of about 14 km length. It leads through the valley of the Lämpertsbach from the Grundmühle near Ebenshausen via Nazza to the Ritzenhausen swimming pool in Hallungen.

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Nature Park Centre Fürstenhagen

Natuurparkcentrum FürstenhagenNature Park E-H-W: It is quite a challenge to solve the tower quiz in the Nature Park Centre in Fürstenhagen. But the correct solutions are hidden right before your eyes in the old water tower and in the rustic tree house.

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MihlaThe administration community is the ideal starting point for nature enthusiasts and people interested in culture. Insider tips like the Haineck Castle, the Grey Chateau of Mihla and the rococo church are a surprise to the visitor.

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