Monument "Mühlhäuser Löwe"

Denkmal "Mühlhäuser Löwe"

Since 1927, a majestic lion has been looking over the roofs of Mühlhausen and guarded the commemoration of one of the saddest chapters of the city’s history. "The Lion" honours the fallen of the first World War.

High above the city’s rooftops, walled in the light travertine of the war memorial, the 1,337 soldiers from Mühlhausen fallen in the 1st World War symbolically found their final resting place. Their names are listed in a “Heldenbuch” (Heroes’ Book) whose original has been deposited in the city museum up to now. It is guarded by the stone lion. Thanks to its location, it has long since not only been a place of commemoration, but also a popular meeting place. A breath-taking panoramic view rewards those who have manged to climb the city hill. 



Denkmal „Mühlhäuser Löwe“
Am Stadtberg
99974 Mühlhausen

St. Mary´s Church

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Popperode Fountain House

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