State-owned ornithological station in Seebach

Nationaal ornithologisch station Seebach

A beautiful moated castle from the 12th century accommodates the oldest state-owned ornithological station in Germany. “Perceptible bird protection” is the trademark of this exceptional institution.

The visitors follow in the tracks of Sittich Hans Freiherr von Berlepsch – the doyen of bird protection. The moated castled that was built in the 12th century and a park of two hectares including a lake offer a range of opportunities to experience the world of birds with all senses and to perceive it actively. A comprehensive exhibition provides a lot of interesting information about the life of birds. Most diverse bird species, varied nest forms, filigree bird skull skeletons, insights into nests of the birds breeding in the castle and aviaries can be detected.

Visitors have barrier-free access to the exhibition.



Staatliche Vogelschutzwarte Seebach
Lindenhof 3
99998 Weinbergen OT Seebach

phone (0 36 01) 7 89 10 18

Opening hours:

Monday - Thursday 8am -15.30pm
Friday 8am - noon

May - October
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays at 2pm

For groups please arrange individual appointments

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