The centre of Germany

Mittelpunkt Deutschlands

The scholars continue to argue. However, in Thuringia minds are long made up: the centre of Germany lies in the Vogtei, a small parish near the Hainich National Park, which offers a wealth of attractions.

Draw two lines on a map of Germany - one from the northernmost point to the southernmost, another from the easternmost to the westernmost. These will cross relatively precisely in Niederdorla, where an old lime tree marks the geographical centre of Germany. The Mittelpunktfest is celebrated here each year. Just a few kilometres distant all modern measurement technology becomes redundant. In the famous Opfermoor, a sacrificial marsh, an old Germanic settlement bears witness to life way before our times.



Straße zum Mittelpunkt
99986 Vogtei OT Niederdorla

Opfermoor Vogtei

Opfermoor NiederdorlaNiederdorla: Not far from the geographic centre of Germany, in Niederdorla, lies the Germanic Opfermoor, or sacrificial marsh. The pre-Christian ritual site dates from the 6th century BC and is one of the best-preserved find complexes of its kind in central Europe.

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National Park Bus

NationalparkbusAfter a visit to the medieval Free City of Mühlhausen, you can enjoy a trip by the National Park Bus in direction of the Hainich National Park.

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