Three Towers Vista

Drei Türme Blick Bad Langensalza

The view from the viewing point in front of the arboretum in the park should be a must for every visitor to the town: this "three towers vista" has become a symbol of the town of Bad Langensalza.

Three towers distinguish the image of the spa town of Bad Langensalza: the tower of the former Augustine church, the tower of the town hall and the tower of the church of St. Bonifacii. To enjoy the famous "three towers vista" visitors need to look through the so-called Argusauge, an eye carved in stone, resting upon a travertine column. Created by the Bad Langensalza sculptor Harald Stieding, the Argusauge is located in the park in front of the arboretum, right in front of the church Gottesackerkirche St. Trinitatis.



Auf dem Gottesacker 
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Bad Langensalza

Bad Langensalza Themengärten10 parks & theme gardens turn the spa town of Bad Langensalza into a green oasis at the edge of the Hainich Park. And friends of medieval feasts will also get their money’s worth here.

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Town Hall with Town Hall well

Town Hall with Town Hall wellBad Langensalza: The Town Hall of Bad Langensalza was built between 1742 and 1752 from local travertine stone. The Saxon and Thuringian lions sit above the former water source of the town, the town hall well of 1582.

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Parks and themed gardens

Parks and themed gardensBad Langensalza: Exotic blossoms, winding paths, beguiling scents - Bad Langensalza is the town of gardens. Ten parks and themed gardens draw visitors into a world of spectacular and memorable panoramas.

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