Town Hall of Mühlhausen

Rathaus Mühlhausen

There is hardly a more romantic way to say “I do” than in the old town hall of Mühlhausen with its bull’s eye glass windows and cosy timberwork. In the middle of the old town, it nestles into a narrow lane and waits for its visitors.

The registry office in the old town hall romantically leads lovers into a common life. Countless marriages began here. The core construction was already built around the year 1300. Over the decades, different builders extended the town hall. Today, it is an extraordinary complex with reminiscences of gothic, renaissance and baroque architecture. Especially worth seeing is the large council chamber with filigree gothic painting and the Archive of the Free City from the year 1614.



Ratsstraße 19 
99974 Mühlhausen 

phone (0 36 01) 45 20 

Opening hours:

Monday and Thursday: 9am – 4pm
Tuesday: 9am - 6pm
Wednesday: 9am - 4pm
Friday: 09am – 1pm
Saturday: 11am - 3pm
Closed on sunday

Museum am Lindenbühl Mühlhausen

Kulturhistorisches Museum MühlhausenMühlhausen: The neo-Renaissance building Am Lindenbühl in Mühlhausen has been the seat of the Museum of Local and Regional History since 1947.

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MühlhausenThe medieval Free City of Mühlhausen near the Hainich Park impresses its visitors by its diversity. The city wall, the historic old town and the 11 gothic churches define the cityscape. 

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Popperode Fountain House

Popperode Fountain House MühlhausenMühlhausen: Do you have a wish that is yet to be fulfilled in life? Then you should definitely plan a visit to the Popperode Fountain House in Mühlhausen, because legend has it that wishes come true here.

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