Kornmarkt Church

Kornmarktkirche Mühlhausen

The Kornmarkt Church in Mühlhausen houses a lovingly detailed museum to the German Peasants' Revolt and is a key venue for the annual German Peasants' Revolt festival in Mühlhausen.

The Mühlhausen Kornmarkt Church was originally a church of the mendicant order. Its time as the monastery church of St. Crucis is recalled today in the monastery garden created in 2008 according to the ideas of the Medieval scholar Albertus Magnus. In the capacious interior an extensive exhibition provides information about the German Peasants' Revolt. Situated in the town centre of Mühlhausen, the church is also regularly used for special exhibitions. Find more information at www.muehlhaeuser-museen.de




99974 Mühlhausen 

phone (0 36 01) 8 56 60 

Facebook: Mühlhäuser Museen 

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday 10am – 17pm


MühlhausenThe medieval Free City of Mühlhausen near the Hainich Park impresses its visitors by its diversity. The city wall, the historic old town and the 11 gothic churches define the cityscape. 

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Town hall of Mühlhausen

Town Hall MühlhausenMühlhausen: There is hardly a more romantic way to say “I do” than in the old town hall of Mühlhausen with its bull’s eye glass windows and cosy timberwork. In the middle of the old town, it nestles into a narrow lane and waits for its visitors. 

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Museum am Lindenbühl Mühlhausen

Kulturhistorisches Museum MühlhausenMühlhausen: The neo-Renaissance building Am Lindenbühl in Mühlhausen has been the seat of the Museum of Local and Regional History since 1947.

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