Opfermoor Vogtei

Opfermoor Niederdorla

Not far from the geographic centre of Germany, in Niederdorla, lies the Germanic Opfermoor, or sacrificial marsh. The pre-Christian ritual site dates from the 6th century BC and is one of the best-preserved find complexes of its kind in central Europe.

In two archaeological excavation campaigns under the leadership of Prof. Behm-Blancke the ritual sites were excavated in the years 1957 – 1964 and a settlement extending over multiple periods from 1964 – 1976. The finds made during the course of these excavations point to intensive settlement in the region. An accurate reconstruction of a Germanic settlement and the exhibition pavilion with finds from the excavations are a popular excursion destination for families. At the site visitors can not only learn about everyday Germanic life on designated days, this is also possible for groups with prior notification.



Gemeinde Vogtei, Ausstellung „Opfermoor Vogtei“ 
Schleifweg 11 
99986 Niederdorla 

phone (0 36 01) 75 60 40 


daily 10 - 16 hours

tours / offers on request

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