Wartburg Donkeys


Anja and Peter are almost as famous as the Wartburg. The donkeys love bread, carrots and fine weather. Children and lightweight persons up to 60 kg are allowed to ride on them from the donkey station to the Droschkenplatz.

In former times, the donkeys carried the drinking water up the difficult road to the inhabitants of the Wartburg. Today, in spring and summer, the donkeys of the donkey station in Eisenach are waiting for guests in order to bring them up to the Castle. This tradition is a very special experience, in particular for children. It gets them in the mood for culture and history. Only if the weather is fine, Anja and Peter will be allowed to take the steep path – past the Elisabeth Monument. From the parking lot in front of the Wartburg, it is only a few steps to the World Heritage. 



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Eselreiten zur Wartburg
Herr Hölzer

phone (0 36 91) 21 04 04



The donkey station has been run for generations by the Eisenacher family Hölzer in fine weather from Easter to autumn. To make sure the donkeys are really in action on the day of your visit, we kindly ask you to contact the donkey station operator.


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