Have you ever heard about Saint Elisabeth, Martin Luther or the Minnesinger Walter von der Vogelweide?

All of them spent part of their lives on the Wartburg which is surrounded by dense and mysterious forests, towering majestically high above Eisenach. 

In different centuries, under diverse conditions and for different reasons, these persons left their traces there. Explore the Wartburg museum, the Luther Room, the palace banquet hall… or visit the medieval market and walk about the castle courtyard just like centuries ago. By the way, you can go up to this splendid Castle equipped with many art treasures quite leisurely on a donkey!



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Auf der Wartburg 1
99817 Eisenach

phone (0 36 91) 25 00
fax (0 36 91) 20 33 42


Facebook: Wartburg

Opening hours:

April - October
daily 8.30 am - 8 pm
last tour: 5 pm
Guided tours in English Language: 1.30 pm

November - March
daily 9am - 5pm
last tour: 3.30pm
Guided tours in English Language: 1.30 pm

Wartburg Donkeys

WartburgeselEisenach: Anja and Peter are almost as famous as the Wartburg. The donkeys love bread, carrots and fine weather. Children and lightweight persons up to 60 kg are allowed to ride on them from the donkey station to the Droschkenplatz.

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EisenachBeing located in the South of the World Heritage Region Wartburg Hainich, the city of Eisenach is the starting point for culture enthusiasts and hikers. In the city and at the Wartburg, the visitors experience living German history that is approachable to them. 

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