High Rope Course

High Rope Course
Klimbos Hainich/ T. Sieland

This is a destination for courageous people in the World Heritage site: The Hainich High Rope Course. With 120 climbing elements in ten courses, it guarantees a lot of action, fun and adventure.

The most courageous ones dare to climb up 18 metres in the High Rope Course. This is the same height as if you would stand on the roof of a house with seven floors. But don’t worry: you will start slowly. The first climbing route has only a height of one metre. You can manage that easily and then you will cope with the other routes which become more and more difficult. There are seven of it – with ropes, bridges and towers. But since safety comes first, the climbing experts will only allow you to venture on some of the routes if you are tall and old enough. 



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Kletterwald Hainich
Am Reckenbühl
99986 Kammerforst

phone (03 60 28) 37 83 90 während der Öffnungszeiten
mobil (01 60) 8 08 80 46


Facebook: Kletterwald Hainich

Opening hours:

Information on opening times can be found at www.kletterwald-hainich.de

Last admission 2 hours before closing

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