Unstrut-Lamas Adventure Hiking Trail

Unstrut-Lamas beleveniswandeling

You do not really associate Thuringia with South America, but in Herbsleben at the Unstrut river at the edge of the World Heritage Region they do, however! The three Unstrut lamas live there and invite you to adventure hiking tours.

A pleasant walk along the Unstrut plain leads you out of the daily hustle and bustle and into deceleration and active relaxation. Pure hiking pleasure for all of your senses. Finding back to oneself, taking a deep breath, being careful: when leading the lama by the hand, this is quite simple. The nature, the contact with the animal and the movement are doing the rest.  

These animals are most suitable for group and family offers and for children’s birthdays, as well. The hiking trails are (almost) barrier-free and without age restriction.

The Unstrut lamas are even mobile, so that a hiking tour is also possible at selected locations. 



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Alina Kroll
Anger 8
99955 Herbsleben

phone (03 60 41) 5 63 65


Facebook: Unstrut-Lamas

Opening hours:

Hikes are offered all year round. We ask for reservation!

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