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Stadsmuur Mühlhausen
Stadsmuur / Bild Tino Sieland

From Mühlhausen to the Hainich National Park

The Line 30 connects the medieval Free City of Mühlhausen with the Wartburg City of Eisenach. Persons interested in culture who have already explored Eisenach will find in Mühlhausen another cultural-historic highlight of the World Heritage Region. The route of the Line 30 passes further attractive destinations. At the hill “Harsberg”, for example, near Lauterbach you can hike from the youth hostel “Primeval Forest Life Camp” over the 7 km long “Bummelkuppenweg“ to the symbol tree of the National Park – the “Betteleiche“ (Beggar’s Oak). Enthusiastic cyclists may change in Langula to the Unstrut-Werra Cycle Path.

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MühlhausenThe medieval Free City of Mühlhausen near the Hainich Park impresses its visitors by its diversity. The city wall, the historic old town and the 11 gothic churches define the cityscape. 

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Museum am Lindenbühl Mühlhausen

Kulturhistorisches Museum MühlhausenMühlhausen: The neo-Renaissance building Am Lindenbühl in Mühlhausen has been the seat of the Museum of Local and Regional History since 1947.

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EisenachBeing located in the South of the World Heritage Region Wartburg Hainich, the city of Eisenach is the starting point for culture enthusiasts and hikers. In the city and at the Wartburg, the visitors experience living German history that is approachable to them. 

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WartburgUNESCO World Heritage Wartburg: Have you ever heard about Saint Elisabeth, Martin Luther or the Minnesinger Walter von der Vogelweide?

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