Hainichlandweg - Tor zum Hainich

A dense, shady beech forest lies at the heart of the Wartburg Hainich World Heritage region. Rare animals such as wildcats, bats and woodpeckers live in this varied landscape.

The Hainichlandweg walking trail is 130 km long and offers glorious slopes, fertile meadows and colourful fields, an attraction all year round. A high number of spring-flowering plants, numerous rest areas for summer relaxation, the colours of the autumn leaves and a visit to the many tourist attractions in winter make the Wartburg Hainich World Heritage region a year-round destination. Medieval towns, romantic timbered villages and castles are all waiting to be explored. Railway stations in the surrounding towns ensure good accessibility.

In order to be able to enjoy the unique area while hiking, we recommend to explore the Hainichlandweg on 7 stages.

1st stage (15 km from Weberstedt to Kammerforst)

Start at the gate to the Hainich, Weberstedt over Brunstal with the "iron hand", to the Ihlefelder cross to the landmark of the Hainich, the Betteleiche. Continue to Reckenbühl and finally to the destination, Hainich house in Kammerforst.

2nd stage (20 km from Kammerforst to Struth)

Start at the Hainichhaus in Kammerforst Passing the "Taternkreuz" through the Langula Valley to the Lindenrondell to the White House. From there, past the Eigenriederswarte along the Mühlhäuser Landgraben to the day's destination, Struth.

3rd stage (22 km from Struth to Heyerode)

From Struth via Klosterzella to Lengenfeld unterm Stein, there you can admire an old viaduct along the route. Continue to Steinbruch Hildebrandtshausen via Katharinenberg to Diedorf and finally to the old station in Heyerode.

4th stage (14 km from Heyerode to Probstei Zella)

Start in heyerode past the "Mareilebank" along the Sticheiche to the castle ruin Haineck, Nazza. Continue over the donkey's head to Probstei Zella.

5th stage (21 km from Probstei Zella to Mihla)

From Probstei Zella via Frankenroda to Scherbda to Creuzburg, there is an old Werratalbrück and the Liboriuskapelle. Continue through the nature conservation area "Nordmannsteine" until the Etapenziel Mihla.

6th stage (17 km from Mihla to Hütscheroda)

Start in Mihla over the Harsberg to the Bischofroda Castle to the Lohberg in Berka before the Hainich with a stop at the "Dicken Eiche". From there through the Wüst Hesswinkel to the Wildkatzendorf Hütscheroda.

7th stage (21 km from Hütscheroda to Weberstedt)

From Hütscheroda to the shelter "Vogelschiessen" in Behringen. Go to the viewpoint Wartburgblick to the Altenberg and the Turnerbank, to the Craulaerkreuz in the direction of Thiemsburg and finally back to the hiking trail starting point to Weberstedt.



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Welterberegion Wartburg Hainich e.V.
Am Schloss 2
99947 Weberstedt

phone (03 60 22) 98 08 36
fax (03 60 22) 98 08 37


Facebook: Welterberegion Wartburg Hainich


start: Weberstedt
destination: Weberstedt
height: 230 - 440 m above sea level
difficulty: medium
distance: 130 km
marker: colorful beech leaf and red dot on white square
barrier-free: no
baby carriage suitable: no

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