Steinbergweg Trail

Wanderweg Steinbergweg im Nationalpark Hainich

National Park Hiking Trail

Steinbergweg Trail in the Hainich National Park

The symbol of the Steinbergweg Trail is an ammonite, a fossilized animal which was often found in this region. This trail offers the opportunity to get to know the most important tree species of the Central European deciduous forest.

From the starting point, the parking lot “Thiemsburg” at the Canopy Walkway, the trail first runs parallel to the road and then turns right into the forest. On a very small area, you will find here a large number of different kinds of deciduous trees, among them the rare wild service tree, for example. The 10 km long trail may be managed effortlessly in about 3 hours. Without any ascents worth mentioning, it leads through the most different biotopes of the Hainich.



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Nationalpark Verwaltung Hainich
Bei der Marktkirche 9
99947 Bad Langensalza

phone (03 61) 5 73 91 40 00
fax (03 61) 5 73 91 40 20

Facebook: Nationalpark Hainich


start: hiker’s parking lot "Thiemsburg"
height: 281 m - 384 m above sea level
difficulty: easy
distance: 10 km
barrier-free: mostly
baby carriage suitable: yes
marker: Ammonite - an extinct animal that was often found as fossilization in the area.

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