Sulzrieden Trail

Sulzrieden im Nationalpark Hainich

National Park Hiking Trail

Sulzrieden Trail in the Hainich National Park

Sulzrieden means “salty marsh‘‘. This name stems from a former Slavic settlement which was confirmed by archaeological grave findings. Already in the 16th century, Sulzrieden was described as desolate in fief letters.

The trail with a length of 6.5 km is well-developed and can be discovered by foot in a good 3 hours. On the way, you will find botanical specialities and geological information. Particularly in spring, there are many different early bloomers along the path that can be marvelled at. The Owl, the symbol of this hiking trail, represents the owls living in the Hainich Park. At twilight, the hoarse call of the tawny owl can often be heard here. 



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Nationalpark Verwaltung Hainich
Bei der Marktkirche 9
99947 Bad Langensalza

phone (03 61) 5 73 91 40 00
fax (03 61) 5 73 91 40 20

Facebook: Nationalpark Hainich


start: parking lot "Mallinde" at Berka v. d. Hainich
height: 298 m - 438 m above sea level
difficulty: medium, there is a steep descent along the way
distance: 7 km
marker: owl

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