The Wildcat Secret Path

Wild katsluippad

The Wildcat Secret Path

The Wildcat Path gives a wonderful insight into the natural habitat of the wild cats, but with its seven kilometres it is slightly too long for not only a few visitors.

In order to make it nevertheless possible to experience the beauty of the National Park first hand, the considerably shorter Wildcat Secret Path has now been built. With its length of 1.5 kilometres, it is much shorter than its big brother, but it nevertheless gives a very good insight into the impressive flora and fauna of the Hainich. The path is easily accessible and suitable for prams. On request, it is also possible to use a fire place with grill and benches for a family excursion to the wildcat village. 



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Wildtierland Hainich gGmbH
OT Hütscheroda
Schloßstraße 4
99820 Hörselberg - Hainich

phone (03 62 54) 86 51 80 / 81
fax (03 62 54) 86 51 82

Facebook: Wildkatzendorf Hütscheroda


start: Hütscheroda
destination: as well
difficulty: easy (slope between wildcat barn and wildcat clearing, the starting point of the trail)
distance: 1.5 km
suitable for families: yes
marker: Wildcat tracks



Hörselberg-HainichIn the Southeast of the World Heritage Region, the municipality of Hörselberg-Hainich is situated. Anybody pitching camp here will have found the perfect starting point for excursions. 

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Wildcat trail

Wilde kattenpadHainich National Park: One of the most beautiful circular trails in the Hainich National Park leads to the Betteleiche (Beggars’ Oak). A legendary tree representing the eventful history of the Hainich.

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Hainich Bus

Prachtige wandelbusThe “Hainich Bus“ connects the two UNESCO World Heritage sites Wartburg and Hainich. Nature fans and persons interested in culture can commute between Eisenach, the Hainich National Park and Bad Langensalza by bus. 

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