Wartburgstadt Eisenach

Eisenach - Markt mit Rathaus und Stadtschloss

Being located in the South of the World Heritage Region Wartburg Hainich, the city of Eisenach is the starting point for culture enthusiasts and hikers. In the city and at the Wartburg, the visitors experience living German history that is approachable to them.

Eisenach stands out with its historic city centre and its more than one hundred years of automobile manufacturing tradition. In 1522, Martin Luther - as Junker Jörg - translated the New Testament from the Greek into the German language behind the historic walls of the Wartburg. Saint Elisabeth once lived at the Wartburg which belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage. The birthplace of Johann Sebastian Bach in the Bach’s House shows the worldwide largest exhibition on the composer. The Reuter Villa accommodates the second largest Wagner collection of the world.



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