United Community of Menteroda

Menteroda Ort

The united community of Menteroda is located on a plateau in the north of the World Heritage Region Wartburg Hainich and is flanked by the "Dün" mountain range, reaching the Thuringian Basin in the south.

The united community of Menteroda was established on 01 August 1996, covering the districts of Kleinkeula, Menteroda, Sollstedt and Urbach. The region around Menteroda has a certain charm and is rich in its own traditions and evidence of an eventful history. Potash mining determined the people and their lives in the past and made Menteroda well-known far beyond its borders. The museum with a mini mine which was built by the miners’ association "Schlägel & Eisen" Volkenroda/Menteroda e.V. reminds of the live and work of the miners.



Municipality Menteroda
represented by the mayor
Martin Wacker
Holzthalebener Str. 38
99996 Menteroda

phone (03 60 29) 8 15 13
fax (03 60 29) 8 15 18


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