Community of Wangenheim


With its territory of 1.006 hectares and a population of approx. 700 inhabitants, the Community of Wangenheim belongs to one of the larger municipalities of the administration community of "Mittleres Nessetal".

The Wangenheim village in the Nesseaue is one of the oldest residential areas in the region. On development of the Rural Tourist Centre of the Wangenheim Reservoir, tourism has also become important. From here, you can discover the unique “Hainich National Park“ which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Directly at the lake, there are numerous recreational opportunities such like fishing, camping and water sport, and the adjoining cultural landscape invites to take a walk, to hiking, bicycling and riding. The Reservoir has developed to an idyllic paradise for anglers. Wangenheim is situated directly at the new Nessetal bicycle path leading from Erfurt to the Kindel.



Community of Wangenheim
Grüne Gasse 5
99869 Wangenheim

phone (03 62 55) 8 03 00


EisenachBeing located in the South of the World Heritage Region Wartburg Hainich, the city of Eisenach is the starting point for culture enthusiasts and hikers. In the city and at the Wartburg, the visitors experience living German history that is approachable to them. 

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Hainich National Park

Nationalpark HainichWith the motto “Let nature be nature”, the “primeval forest in the middle of Germany” – the Hainich National Park – inspires its visitors. It has a size of 7,500 hectares, was established in 1997 and has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 2011.

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Hörselberg-HainichIn the Southeast of the World Heritage Region, the municipality of Hörselberg-Hainich is situated. Anybody pitching camp here will have found the perfect starting point for excursions. 

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